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As we continue to grow as a company there may be times when new roles become available, and when that's the case, you'll find them here. This is also the place where we'll list all of our ongoing recruitment - all year around, we'll be looking for artists and bloggers to work with. All of our roles and voluntary and involve working from home, so we welcome applicants from around the globe. 

While all roles have their own unique requirements, one thing runs through all the roles we advertise and all the applicants we want to see - a desire to make their mark on the publishing industry and to help new and emerging writers. That's why we do what we do (just like all the roles we advertise, we also do this voluntarily), and we want to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals.

Ongoing Vacancies


This voluntary role is perfect for anyone who wants to gain experience and exposure of the publishing world. By reading submissions, you will improve your editorial skills, eye for detail, and be exposed to a variety of different literary styles.

Responsibilities include:

  • To review submissions and score them, using our scoring system. 
  • To assist in reviewing entries to the Bandit Flash Fiction Award
  • To participate in discussions regarding submissions where appropriate. 
  • To provide feedback (where requested) for submissions they have read. 
  • To provide an editorial service, in accordance to the service offered by Bandit Fiction. (Editors may opt out of providing this service, should they wish.)

About the role, one of our current Editors has said 'I'm enjoying the job because I get exposed to writers and genre I may not have sought out myself, and it is giving me the experience I wanted.'

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