Sunderland Short Story Award

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About the Award

Bandit Fiction are very proud to publish the winners and shortlisted stories of the University of Sunderland In Association With Waterstones Short Story Award, or the Sun Short Story Award for short. 

The award, which rewards the best in short fiction for both adults and younger writers (aged 11 to 17), opens for submissions annually around October, with stories then selected for a longlist, a shortlist, and then a top 3 announced, usually around August of the following year, for each age group, with cash prizes being awarded to the winners. In addition, the award works hard to provide prizes to as many shortlisted writers as possible, with previous extra prizes including books and future editorial support.

The 2018 Edition

We're very proud to be able to offer for purchase the 2018 edition of the Sunderland Short Story Award, featuring 19 of the 20 shortlisted stories for the two categories of the award.

This edition features the following stories:

  • Under the Southern Cross by Sandra Arnold
  • Each of Us Drowning At Sea by Yvonne Battle-Felton
  • Bev's Hat by Pippa Gladhill
  • Jump by Jennifer Harvey
  • Set Fire To Me by Jess Hector
  • A Note Unsaid by Michael Holloway
  • Sweet Things by Alexandra Scarlett Mullen
  • Just Like Humans by Chris Sewart
  • No Man is an Island by Ashley Thorpe
  • Kaddish Yatom by Iona Adams
  • The Purge by Ebun Bello
  • Fossils by Alissa Bonnett
  • This World by Tamsyn Christie
  • Letters of Love by Maria Clark
  • The Wind Said Thank You by Olivia Hill
  • The Wedding Shroud by Ailsa Jones
  • In Memory of May by Rowan Maddock
  • Land Meets Sea by Grace Murray
  • The Big Bad Wolf by Grace Noakes