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Shahrzad Sharif

 Shahrzad has always been amazed by the magic power of art specially painting from early ages, as early as four years of age.  To improve the required techniques specially in oil painting, she has attended many courses and classes held by great masters of this art. The subject of her paintings are people with a connection to her Persian culture. 

Shahrzad has created the cover art for Issue Four, based on Babble. 


Jessica O. Neill - author of Sonoma


Jessica O. Neill is a previously unpublished fiction writer based in Bristol, UK. Born and raised till aged nine in Jamaica, her work is imbued with a love for the natural world, and a reverence for magic and mystery. Jess is also a copywriter, filmmaker, and poet. Her second film, Green Hills - a documentary about her childhood home - will soon be due for release.

Twitter: @jessolivianeill 

Talia Maggs-Rapport - author of The Yellow Caps


Talia Maggs-Rapport is a writer with a passion for travelling. She is currently studying in her third year at the University of St Andrews, and during university breaks, she loves nothing more than exploring new destinations and documenting her adventures there.


Eve Smith - author of That's What Mothers Do

Eve Smith is an A level student planning to study Spanish and Portuguese at university. She loves social realism and precision of language, and she is interested in how context works to shape art. She has written film reviews for her college newspaper and was a runner up in Cambridge University Press' 'The Future Writes' award.

Email - 

Samuel Swauger - author of Nonety Dollars


Samuel Swauger is an author and poet from Baltimore, Maryland. 

Twitter: @samuelswauger


Connor Leggat - author of Monsters


Connor Leggat is a MA student at Queen’s University, Belfast. He spends the vast majority of his time in his own head and would kindly ask you to knock before entering. When he isn’t writing he is a mediocre guitarist and a slightly above average gamer. Connor writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, or a mash of all three. He is currently shaking the first draft of his novel and seeing if anything good falls out. 

Matt Appleby - author of Babble


Matt Appleby is an interpreter. He works and writes in English, French, and Spanish. He was born in Manchester in 1993 and lives there still 

Si Lin Chen - author of The Yellow Rose and Her Boy


Si Lin Chen is an eleventh grade Chinese-Canadian student living and studying in Shanghai. She writes in both Chinese and English, occasionally translating her own works from one language to the other. Dystopian fiction, fables and fantasy are her favourite genres; she’ll happily write anything that comes to mind, though. A passionate Oscar Wilde lover, she also has two cats named after characters from Dorian Gray.


Eleanor Winterbottom - author of Little One

Eleanor Winterbottom is a Literature and Creative Writing student at the University of Gloucestershire. She has previously been published in the Shadows: New Writing VI anthology, and has showcased her work at both the Cheltenham Literature Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival 

Patrick Hutchinson - author of An Unhappy Marriage

Patrick Hutchinson lives in Greater Manchester. He currently works in the healthcare sector, having previously been a high school science teacher. He also studied Physics at Lancaster University. Patrick loves reading fiction of all genres; as well as writing his own fiction, long and short, in his spare time. This will be his first ever published work of fiction, and hopes that it certainly won't be the last! 

Lynne Couzins - author of The Music Box

Lynne Couzins took part in a free writing workshop in 2017 and found her voice.  Writing brings to life all the people and places she has collected in her imagination over a lifetime.  It is an exploration, and she wishes she had found it much earlier. She also enjoy photographing nature and art journaling.  She believes finding ways to creatively express yourself helps to combat stress and gives you confidence in your own abilities. 

Bertie Beeching - author of Dice


Bertie Beeching is completing the final year of his English BA course at the University of Nottingham. His favourite texts usually fall into the genres of fantasy, sci-fi or dystopian literature. Beyond his studies, Bertie runs creative writing workshops for schools in and around his home town, Eastbourne, and is also trying his hand at writing for video games. 


Jill Vance - author of Write Me A Lie


Jill Vance is from Northern Ireland, although she currently lives in Donegal. Jill lived in Italy for many years, first in Como, (where she met her Italian song writing partner, Lou Pizzi), then in Sestri Levante, Liguria. She also spent a number of years in Africa. Jill worked as a ghost-writer for many years, not only writing books, but also articles for magazines and newspapers. Jill has published two collections of short stories: The first two are published, The Other Side of the Door and Dark Between Shadows. The third, Nothing in the Mirror, is in the process of being published.

Gab Harvey - author of The Bottle


Gab Harvey was born in 1989 in Turin (Italy). Having lied and told tales in countless job interviews in order to improve his chances of being hired, he is not new to fiction. Horror is just what comes naturally to him. Which doesn't help during job interviews.
He has been sharing his stories online and in magazines since September 2018, but his blog has already reached a double-digit (not a typo) figure when it comes to visits.

Website: Twitter: @thegabharvey 

Instagram: thegabharvey