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Gloria Huang


Gloria Huang is a high school student from Taiwan who currently studies in mainland China. Though she has limited experience in publishing, she is constantly seeking for artistic and literary challenges with a fervent passion nonetheless. 


Instagram: @glohhh1854


Wechat: gloHHH


Laurence Edmondson - author of Centre of Attention


Laurence Edmondson grew up in the countryside of North Yorkshire and East Lancashire, received an MA in English Literature from Lancaster University, and has lived in Berlin since 2007. His work has been published by Fictive Dream and the Rubery Book Award Anthology, and he has had success in competitions such as the Bare Fiction Prize and the NAWG Short Story Competition.

Facebook: laurence.edmondson.7

Sophie Lay - author of The Butterfly Wing


Sophie Lay is a writer currently living in Edinburgh. She has a penchant for the queer and the beautiful. She is a student on the Creative Writing MSc at the University of Edinburgh, and was awarded First Class Honours in her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Gloucestershire. Her work has previously been published in Popshot Magazine and three of the University of Gloucestershire's New Writing Anthologies. She also has an upcoming publication with the From Arthur's Seat anthology.


Twitter: @Sophie_Lay

Gareth Clarke - author of First Night on the Streets


Gareth Clarke is a writer of prose fiction based in the North East of England. He has had a varied working career, including civil servant, filling station attendant, water company operative, factory worker, pizza delivery driver, supermarket worker, and for the longest period, primary carer for his three children. 


AJK James - author of Parentheses


AJK James was born in South Wales and now lives in North London. He has had fiction published in Cafe Irreal, Eclectica and elsewhere.  He is working on a novel.

Twitter: @AJK_James

Joe Gibbs - author of The Jaguar


Joe Gibbs graduated from The University of Portsmouth in 2013 with a first-class degree in English and Creative Writing, but has been making up stories for as long as he can remember. He has had short fiction published by Earlyworks Press, Writers Forum magazine and Pugwash student magazine, as well as being shortlisted in several competitions including The 1000 Word Challenge. He is currently writing a collection in which all the stories unveil the nightmarish folklore of a single, strange town.

Gab Harvey - author of White Wall of Fishkill


Gab Harvey was born in 1989 in Turin (Italy). Having lied and told tales in countless job interviews in order to improve his chances of being hired, he is not new to fiction. Horror is just what comes naturally to him. Which doesn't help during job interviews.
He has been sharing his stories online and in magazines since September 2018, but his blog has already reached a double-digit (not a typo) figure when it comes to visits.

Website: Twitter: @thegabharvey 

Instagram: thegabharvey

Jemma Stewart - author of Swings and Roundabouts


Jemma Stewart is a Somerset-based fiction writer. She is currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, and is writing her first novel, which features the characters from Swings and Roundabouts. Her inspirations range from Charles Bukowski to Emma Jane Unsworth, but essentially she writes about being young and reckless (and female). She can generally be found shoulders-deep in a book and chugging gallons of tea or wine, depending on the time of day.

Twitter: @JemKatrina

Mike Nelson - author of Art for Art's Sake


Mike Nelson is a teacher of English and Drama and lives in Leeds. He graduated with a first class degree from Leeds University and continues to frantically juggle the demands of the day job with his ambition of becoming a full time writer. He has had a number of short plays performed at The West Yorkshire Playhouse, writes and performs in his comedy sketch show The Land of Nod and has published his first novel Mister Mister which is available on Kindle.



Richard Berry - author of Turn Right


Richard Berry is a Mancunian author. His fiction has appeared in Dream Catcher, and he has forthcoming work in The Letters Page, BFS Horizons and Soft Cartel. His political writing has been published by The Guardian, Economist, New Statesman and others. He lives in London with his son, Kurt.


Twitter: @richard3berry

Samuel Boyce-Mills - author of Crazywell


Born in Frimley and raised in Fleet, Hampshire, Samuel Boyce-Mills completed an M.A in Creative Writing at the University of Exeter. After spending time wandering across the majestic Dartmoor, he moved to Birmingham over a year ago. His writing is inspired by the time he spent in Devon, drawing upon the folk-law and local legends that surround Dartmoor. 

Jon Kinsella - author of Knocked Out of Time


Jon Kinsella is a writer based in Liverpool. A BA and MRes English Literature graduate, he is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Liverpool John Moores University. Interested in literary fiction that dismantles stereotypes, his writing explores the dislocation between working-class culture and its literary imagination and pertains to certain concurrent themes: the variety in working-class identities, the psychological consequences of social mobility, and cultural geography: young people, urban spaces and the concept of ‘place’. Jon is working towards a collection of short fiction before embarking on PhD study. 

Twitter: @Jon_Kinsella