Bandit Flash Fiction Award

About The Award

The Bandit Flash Fiction Award is our way of creating an accessible literary award for all, as well as offering writers an additional chance to be published, and the opportunity to win a little bit of money. Below you'll find all the rules and submission information, as well as big banners telling you when submissions open and close.

Important things to remember:

  • There's no fee. Entry is completely free.
  • There's no specific theme; submit anything you'd like.
  • Entries are welcome for all, regardless of age, location, ethnicity, and everything else.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  • The 10 shortlisted stories will be published in an anthology.
  • The winner will received £50 (or currency equivalent) prize money.

For anyone wanting to get a better idea of the sorts of things our judges like, why not pick up one of our previous issues? That said, please don't write to be successful, write because it's a story you want to tell.

If, after reading all the rules and guidance, you've still got questions, just send us a message.

Entries open 20th November 2018


Word Count

Less than 1000 words, more than 1

Previously Published

Nope, we want only unpublished stories

Simultaneous Submissions

Go crazy - just let us know if the story is accepted elsewhere first

Number of Entries

There's no real limit, but please, nothing excessive

Anonymous Submissions

Yes - please don't put your name on your story (including the document title). We want to judge a story on its merits alone

Document Type

A word document, please - something where we can actually check the word count


Our judges only speak English, so English submissions only


We're open to entries 20th November to 20th April, both GMT*

*So an entry made at 11:00pm, 20th April, in New York would be ineligible


Nothing defamatory. Swear words and graphic content are permitted

Submissions that break these rules won't be read. In fact, we'll just delete them. (That includes submissions that come in before/after the award is open for subs). That might seem harsh, but realistically, we're not asking for much, and it's all in your best interest.

Entries close 2oth April 2019

How To Submit

By Email

Please send all submissions to -

The only thing we want you to include in your email is contact information, but only if you'll not be using the address you sent your submission from in the future. 

We'll only contact shortlisted stories for final approval to publish. For anything and everything else, we'll be doing announcements through Twitter and our Blog

What Happens Next

The Shortlist

We'll announce a shortlist of 10 finalists on 8th May via Twitter and our blog

Issues on Sale

Along with announcing the shortlist, we'll also be launching the anthology - 10 works of flash fiction, including the eventual winner - on 8th May

The Winner

We'll then announce the winner of the Flash Fiction Award, again through our blog and Twitter, on 5th June

Mailing List

If you'd like semi-regular updates about what we do sent straight to your email address, then just sign up and we'll keep you informed.