Bandit Fiction are proud to offer an editorial service to authors.

We understand that everyone is at a different stage in their career, and if we can use our skills and experience to aid in their progression, we are very happy to do so.

At this time, our Editorial service is available only to those who have submitted to us, and whose work falls within our word limits. If this isn't you, please don't despair - we're already discussing offering this service to a wider audience too.


We'll send you an annotated copy of your story within four weeks (this may be a little longer during our busiest periods). This will include general copy-editing stuff (typos, grammar, etc) as well as citing areas of strength and areas to improve.

We'll also ask a few questions that we feel you need to consider when looking to redraft your story. What is your protagonist's motivation? How have you utilised the genre traditions? That sort of thing.

In ideal situations, we may also be able to recommend a few books or short stories to read that we feel would be good for you to read as extra research.

From 250 to 1500 Words

For flash fiction and shorter short stories, our service costs £5

From 1501 to 3500 Words

For longer pieces, our service is a still very affordable £7.50

What to Expect

Your story will be read by two of our editors. In the case of stories previously submitted to us for publishing, it will be the same editors as reviewed your submission, as they are already familiar with your work.  

The editors will go through your piece, making notes and annotating segments of your story. This will be both areas of strength and improvement, and any criticism will be constructive. 

In our team we have a great mix of skills, hence why we feel we can offer this service. Each member of our team has extensive workshopping experience,  with some being published authors.

We will send you an annotated document and a list of questions we feel you could consider to improve your piece, or things we feel you could do to improve it. This could be as wide ranging as questioning antagonist motivations to recommending some books to read as inspiration.

You can expect to hear back from us within four weeks. However, please be aware that there may be some occasions where we are unable to provide you an editorial service - we are, after all, volunteers. If that is the case, you will receive a full refund.

Questions? Send us a message

Fact Sheet and T&Cs

Bandit Fiction - Editorials (pdf)