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A new voice in digital publishing

Bandit Fiction are a new voice in digital publishing. Based in the UK, and made up of a small team of avid readers and writers, we aim to give opportunities to new and emerging writers that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. We don't differentiate in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability, or location - as long as we think your story is good and suitable for what we do, we'd love to hear from you.

We're especially keen to hear from creative writing students, or writers currently in education. As a team of former writing students ourselves, we understand fully the disconnect there can be between university life and writing life, and we aim to offer opportunities to bridge that gap.

We're looking for previously unpublished works of flash fiction (from 250 to 1000 words), prose (from 1000 to 3500 words), and non-fiction (1000 to 3500 words). More information can be found here. As well, we're looking for new and emerging artists to work with to help produce cover and interior artwork for our publications, our podcasts, and even our advertisements. More information can be found here.

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Important Dates

Deadlines for submissions

While we are always open to submissions, we have deadlines or cut-off points for each issue. If you submit after a deadline, your submission will be automatically considered for the next issue (or the one after next, if the next issue is a themed issue).

Submission periods are:

  • 1st November to 31st January - no theme
  • 1st February to 30th April - themed
  • 1st May to 31st July - no theme
  • 1st August to 31st October - no theme, but restricted to only writers in education, and unpublished writers

PS. All deadlines are GMT. One period ends 23:59 and the next begins 00:00

Issue Release Dates

All of our issues will be available to buy from PayHip and Amazon Kindle Store (follow the links above if you'd like to make a purchase), and will be published on:

  • 20th March
  • 20th June
  • 20th September
  • 20th December

PS. These are recurring publication dates and apply to all future publications. Our one-off Pamphlet will be published 20th December.

Podcast Release Dates

You can listen to our podcasts a variety of ways. We'll host a couple of the most recent ones on our website, while our free-to-all back catalogue will be available from SoundCloud and the iTunes store.

We'll be publishing podcasts the same dates as our next submissions periods open. 

These are:

  • 20th February
  • 20th May
  • 20th August
  • 20th November

PS. Those who support us on Patreon will get exclusive access to additional podcasts featuring extra stories. Want to hear more stories? Support us on Patreon!

Questions? Drop us a message on Facebook