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Unfortunately, we have had to put our podcast product on hold for the foreseeable future. Given the time all members have to devote to Bandit, we found that we didn't have the capacity to showcase our podcasts, and as such, the writers and stories featured in them, in the ways in which they deserve to be shown.

This is something we'd love to be able to start up again in the future - we were all really passionate about producing podcasts to begin with and that passion hasn't subsided - but for now, we'd like to concentrate our efforts elsewhere to help Bandit grow.

Issue Two: Underdog

Check out of latest podcast, featuring three of our favourite stories from our Underdog issue:

The Anatomy of a Home by Zoe Wells

Fly Away Home by Sarah Dale

Lone Star Song by Valentine Carter


Episode 2, Issue One


  • Adalina by Maria Alejandra Barrios
  • The Great Leap Forward by Andrew Murphy
  • Succubus in Print by Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon


Episode 1, Pamphlet Sample

We're very proud to bring you our first ever podcast, featuring 3 stories from our Pamphlet - Confusion, Rep, and Pigeon.

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