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What is Bandit Fiction?

Bandit Fiction is a not-for-profit organisation set up with the aim of helping emerging writers and artists, especially those in education, get started.

All the work we do is voluntary - none of our team are paid a wage by Bandit Fiction - and the income we gain goes straight back into the company, with the hope of being able to offer more services and better quality products. 

For Writers

What classes as a 'new and unpublished' writer?

For us, this means any writer who is at the beginning of their writing career; as we're at the beginning of our publishing career, we feel a certain affinity to writers in the same situation.

If you've been published on websites and blogs (personal or company) then, more than likely we'll happily publish you. If you've previously been published in print, then possibly not.

If you're still uncertain whether or not you're eligible, by all means send us a message.

Do you pay for the stories you publish?

I am afraid that we are currently unable to pay writers for any of the stories we choose to publish. This applies to stories published in digital anthologies and as podcasts.

However, please be aware that we hope this isn't always the case. We firmly believe that everyone should be paid for what they create, and should a time come where we are able to pay our writers, we absolutely will be.

What do you mean by 'feedback available on request'?

One of the things we're passionate about is  offering those who submit the opportunity to receive feedback based on what they've submitted and the decision we made.

We've chosen to make this 'by request' because, while we understand that many may wish to receive feedback, we're also aware that there are those who would not.

To request feedback, please reply to the email you receive once your submission has been considered.

What can I expect from the feedback I receieve?

We're not here to tear apart anyone's creative work, and we're also not here to massage any egos. Our feedback will be as honest as possible, identifying what we see as the strengths of your submission as well as any areas to improve.

Feedback will be roughly a paragraph in length, and will come through email. We are currently considering offering the paid option of more detailed feedback (included annotated documents). If you like this idea, let us know!

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

We do accept work that is currently under consideration elsewhere, but please, if your work is chosen for publication by another company while it is still under consideration from ourselves, let us know.

I haven't followed the style guide, does that matter?

The honest answer is that it's unlikely to have a major impact on whether or not your story is selected for publication. All stories will, after all, be judged on their quality and merit.

That said, not following our style guide could have implications. For example, should a decision have to be made between which of two stories to publish, a deciding factor could, hypothetically, be the presentation of the story.

Can I ask for my submission to be reconsidered?

 Unfortunately, the answer is no. All decisions we make on artwork and written work are final, but please know that all decisions we make are subjective (try as we might, it's impossible for our opinions not to be subjective, we all have personal tastes, after all) - they are just our personal views, and in no way reflect the quality of what you have submitted. 

When will I hear back about my submission?

We aim to get back to all writers within 4 weeks from the date they submit. However, during peak times this may not be possible (especially if you're nominated reader is particularly busy) but we will always try our best.

How are submissions judged?

Every submission we receive is read by two readers, and these readers are assigned based on the information you give us about the story.

Readers will then discuss with our Editor-in-Chief and with each other and we'll make one of four decision:

- We decide to publish

- We want to publish, but we can't make a decision at that time

- We want to publish in our next issue (and all writers have the option to say no to this)

- We don't feel we're the right publisher for your story

For Artists

Do you pay for the artwork you use?

Much the same as for the stories we publish, unfortunately we're not able to pay for artwork at this time. However, if we're ever able to pay in the future, we absolutely will be.

What kind of format should images be?

All artwork must be a sent to us as a JPEG file, and must be from a digital image. By this, we mean that we don't accept scanned or photographed versions of hand-drawn artwork. We'd love to receive hand-drawn illustrations, but we only accept them in true digital files.

What will my artwork be used for?

For the sample artwork sent to us, it'll be used for us to make artistic decisions only - you'll never see that work on our website or on one of our publications.

For the commissioned work, we'll use it either as the cover image for an issue, or to go alongside our stories. The artwork that goes alongside our stories will also feature as cover images for our podcasts.

We may also want to show off your work on our blog, but we'd agree this on a case-by-case basis prior to doing so.

Who owns the rights for artwork used?

The artist, 100%.

While we're likely to want to use the artwork for publicity purposes, the artist or photographer will be credited at all stages, and all images remain their property.